Jawaban Latihan Memilih Kata yang Tepat dan penjelasannya

Berikut adalah jawaban exercises dan penjelasannya:
  • I just want to [remind /remember] you that we haven’t paid electricity bill for this month.
  • They only use the living room and the dining room. [The rest /the remains] is empty.
  • They ate most of the food. [The remains /the rest] were scattered all over the floor.
  • I have plenty of chocolates. You two can take two each. The rest [is /are] Dona’s.
  • I am going to show you [same /the same] again after this.
  • You are not the only one. John has got [the same problem like you/ the same problem as you].
  • I think that is the same woman [that / whom] showed you the way to the hotel.
  • She [said / told ] me that she’d stay in Bali a bit longer.
  • Adi said that he’d [see / see about] that after he was finished with his work.
  • [Look / See] if we can rent a car from him tomorrow.
You        : Excuse me. I bought this shirt yesterday but it’s too [small / little] for my daughter.
Seller     : What is her size? The shirts [come/go] in three sizes: small, medium, and large.
You        : I think medium size will [fit/pass] her. Can I change the shirt to a larger size?
Seller     : Of course.
You        : Can I [have / buy] the same color?
Seller     : Let me [see / look] if we still have the same color for larger sizes.

Remind = mengingatkan; kata remember = ingat; ingat untuk. Contoh: I remember you, I remember to post the letter, I remember going to Bali.

The rest = sisanya; sedangkan remains = sisa. (yang lainnya mungkin sudah habis atau hilang).
Contoh lain kata the rest. “There are 5 rooms; three rooms are for kitchen, living room and bed room. The rest are (the two others) still empty.
The rest are……. Jika sisa menunjukkan lebih dari satu. The rest is…. Jika sisa nya tidak menunjukkan jamak.

The same = hal yang sama. Di sini kata sandang “the” harus digunakan.
The same ………as……. Bukan “The same……like……

See about = deal with = mengurus.
Small not little untuk ukuran (baju dll.)
The shirts come in three sizes = Baju ini dibuat dalam 3 ukuran. Kata “come” digunakan untuk arti ini.
Fit = cocok ukurannya bukan pass.

Let me see if = let me find out = Nanti saya cari tahu, cari info.