Tourist and Hotel Receptionist

Tourist and Hotel Receptionist
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Tourist and Hotel Receptionist

Tourist  : Excuse me. I am looking for a cheap hotel around here.
You        : The closest one is about 300 meters from here. Just walk down this street. Take the first turning on the right. Keep walking for 100 meters. You will see the hotel building on the left.
Tourist  : Thank you. Do you happen to know how much a standard room costs?
You        :  It’s 200,000.—IDR if the price hasn’t changed. That includes breakfast to be taken to your door.
Tourist  : It’s very kind of you. Thank you again.

At the Hotel:
Receptionist: Good evening. What can I do for you, Sir?
Tourist  : Have you got a standard room for tonight?
Receptionist: Yes we have. Would you like a double or twin room, Sir?
Tourist  : Double room, please.
Receptionist: We have got two standard rooms left. One is on the second floor; and another on the third, Sir.
Tourist  : Which one is better?
Receptionist: I suggest you take the one on the second floor. The window faces the street.
Tourist: Ok. I’ll take that one. How much is it? Can we pay with credit card?
Receptionist: Yes, you can. That’ll be 200,000.—IDR + 2% charge; that includes breakfast.  Is that OK?
Tourist: That is fine with me.
Receptionist: Check-out time is 1 pm; should you go out tomorrow, please leave the room key?
Tourist: No worries.
Receptionist: Let our employee show you the room and let him take care of your bag as well.
Tourist: Thank you.
Receptionist: Are you here on holiday?
Tourist: No, I am on my way to Pagar Alam, South Sumatera. We are doing the research there.
Receptionist: I am sure you are going by bus from here.
Tourist: Yes. I’d like to find out about it tomorrow while looking around the city.
Receptionist: If you’d like to stay here for a couple of days, you could enjoy the beach.
Tourist: How can I go to the beach? I mean how can I go there cheaply?
Receptionist: There are no bus services to the beach. The only convenient way to get there is that you have to rent a private car with a driver. The car rent is about 100,000.—per day.
Tourist: It’s too bad, I have a limited time. I don’t think I can make it.

Beberapa Penjelasan Ungkapan dalam Percakapan di atas:

Walk down this street = Ikuti jalan ini.
Take the first turning on the left= Belok kiri pada tikungan pertama.
Keep walking = Terus jalan.
Do you happen to know = Apakah Anda tahu ….. (Lebih sopan dari pada “Do you know….?)
It’s very kind of you  = Anda baik sekali. Ini kita pakai apabila kita telah ditolong dalam halo rang tersebut memberikan informasi atau memberikan sesuatu. Biasanya didahului dengan ucapan “Thank you.”
Double room = Kamar dengan 1 tempat tidur untuk 2 orang.
Twin room = Kamar dengan dua tempat tidur terpisah.
I don’t think I can make it = Saya rasa saya tidak bisa (pergi ke pantai)