Jawaban Latihan Grammatical Exercise

  1. I decided to go out despite the rain. [kata despite tidak menggunakan of tapi langsung diikuti kata benda.]
  2. Yanto, who  was my coworker, used to be a homeless man. [kata he sudah digantikan oleh who; jadi tidak digunakan lagi.]
  3. No matter what she does, she can't make her mother happy. [kata that tidak digunakan setelah kata what.]
  4. I am busy at work and won't be home before 23.00. [at work = bekerja; kata the tidak lazim digunakan dalam kontek ini.]
  5. I  decided to take the rain last night.[have decided tidak digunakan untuk Past Tense]
  6. You should have complained  if you were not satisfied with the restaurant service. [kata complain jika tidak diikuti objek, maka kata depan (of) tidak digunakan.]
  7. You had better not go there alone. [Setelah had better kata kerja harus tanpa to]
  8. You should tell her exactly what happened to you yesterday. [kata to tidak digunakan setelah kata kerja tell.]
  9. Yanto is smart but he lacks experience in dealing with people.[Sebagai kata kerja kata lack tidak menggunakan kata depan.]
  10. Yonet does not resemble either of his parents.[setelah kata resemble langsung diikuti kata benda/pronoun]
  11. He has written to every friend he has.[Setelah every tidak diikuti oleh pronoun]
  12. Apri lives just opposite  my house.[kata opposite langsung diikuti kata benda]
  13. She doesn't speak either English or Indonesian.[kata of tidak digunakan dalam kontek ini kecuali jika kata speak = membicarakan tentang.]
  14. The roof of your house needs repairing as soon as possible. [Setelah kata need lansung diikuti kata kerja bentuk ING.]
  15. I am looking forward to receiving your letter.[kata kerja receive langsung diikuti kata benda.]