Jawaban English Grammar Exercise

English Grammar Exercise

Berikut adalah jawaban dari latihan English Grammar Exercise:

Mary was still working at outside the garden when you arrived.
My father would used to work as a train conductor. Almost every day he would bring us lots of presents.
Why not you visit Borobudur Temple? It’s a beautiful huge temple.
It is not whether she can be trusted with but she can do it or not.
My manager cannot decide whether we should to go by plane or just take a bus.
You needn’t have to waited for me there. You only wasted your time.
A: Your English is not good. B: Well, you know I am still to learning it.
A: Have you been to here long? B: No. I just arrived.
The shop you are looking for is exactly opposite to my office building.
“Please take a seat. What would you like to the drink?” “Coffee, please.”
I was interviewed with yesterday.
“Can you come to the office?” “Yes, I can. What should I bring you with?”
Your house is more better than his.
You’d better not to drink much coffee. It’s not good for your health.
I’d rather you should stayed at home. It’s raining outside.
If I had known you were there last night, I would have picked you up with.

Penjelasan Jawaban:

Kata “at” tidak digunakan di depan kata “outside”.
Kata “would” tidakdigunakan di depan “used to”. Lihat Pelajaran USED TO.
Why not dipakai untuk memberikan saran. Dan kata you tidak digunakan dalam artian ini.
Kata kerja “Trust” tidak digunakan dengan kata “with”. Contoh: I trust you – bukan I trust with you.
Kata Should tidak pernah diikuti oleh “to” tapi langsung diikuti oleh kata kerja bentuk dasar atau “be” jika diikuti oleh kata sifat, kata keterangan atau kata benda.
Kata “bring” tidak menggunakan “with”. Contoh: I will bring you some cakes. Bukan: I will bring you with some cakes.
Kata Better tidak memerlukan lagi kata “more”. Lihat Pelajaran Degree of Comparative.
Kata “to” tidak digunakan dalam ungkapan “had better” (sebaiknya): Contoh: I’d better go home now.
Kata “Should” tidak digunakan dalam  kalimat yang menggunakan I would rather seperti contoh berikut: “I’d rather you went home now.”

“To pick someone up” tidak lagi diikuti kata “with”