Job Interview

Berikut adalah percakapan/conversation mengenai job interview. Mudah-mudahan ada manfaatnya.
Applicant: Excuse me. I’d like to meet Mr. Yan Sufyan.

Employee: Are you coming for an interview?

Applicant: Yes, I am.

Employee: He’s on the third floor. You can take the lift over there. When you are there, go directly to Information Counter. Someone will give you help. Okay?

Applicant: Thank you very much.

Employee: you are welcome.

On the third floor:
Applicant: Excuse me. I’d like to meet Mr. Yan Sufyan. I’ve come for an interview.

Customer Service Staff: May I have your name, please?

Applicant: Adi. Adi Prabowo.

Customer Service Staff: Thank you. We have the list of all applicants for today’s interview. You have come early. The other applicants haven’t arrived yet. You have 45 minutes.  Please take a seat. Would you some coffee or tea?

Applicant: I’d rather have plain water, please.

Customer Service Staff: Okay, wait a second.

At the interview:

Mr. Yan Sufyan: Please sit down.

Applicant: Thank you.

Mr. Yan Sufyan: I’ve read your CV. It’s interesting. You may be the one we are seeking for a site manager position in our toll project. Can you tell me about your experience, which you haven’t mentioned in your CV.

Applicant: Yes, I can. Well, in my CV, I only wrote my experience related to the position as a site manager. In fact, I have some experience of working as a lecturer as well. I taught civil engineering at one of private universities in my hometown for 2 years. I didn’t want to become a lecturer but that was the only available vacancy at the time. I decided to take the offer as I need financial support badly. I quit working as a lecturer because I was accepted as a site manager at one of foreign companies in Jakarta and I worked for the company for almost 4 years. I mentioned my reason for leaving the company in my CV.

Mr. Yan Sufyan: Yes. I read that. Well, you are exactly the one we are looking for and I cannot decide whether you are accepted or not right now as we still have other applicants waiting outside. We will contact you as soon as possible if you are short listed.

Applicant: Thank you for the opportunity and I am looking forward to hearing from you, Mr. Yan