Contoh Cover Letter

Contoh Cover Letter

Jl. Wayhalim No.123,
Bandar Lampung
Telp: (0721)832-xxx

Yanto Hakim
Hiring Manager
PT. Maju Construction
Jl. .................No.99 A
Jakarta Pusat

Dear Mr. Yanto Hakim

I am writing to apply for the position of Site Manager for Irrigation Project in North Lampung. Upon reading the job description advertised in ………. Newspaper, I was so happy that I quickly grabbed the opportunity to write the application letter. I found that I meet all the requirements.

Not only am I interested in the position you are offering but also I feel proud of being one of your staff members of the company with international reputation.
As you may have read my CV, I worked for a long time as a site manager in several contractors. My reputation in the contractors I worked for are very good. They are all happy with my performance.

I am a creative and hard working person. I am certain that the quality I have is an added value, which you consider important.

I am very pleased if you could arrange an interview at your most convenient time.

In this letter, I am also enclosed letters of references from the company I used to work for.

At last, I thank you for your kind attention and am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,