Jawaban Latihan Conditional

Jawaban Latihan Conditional:

-          If I had more time, I would visit you.
-          There are no female workers in this project. If there were, this would make male workers more diligent.
-          Joko works in a bank. If he receives a bigger bonus this year, he will travel abroad.
-          Adnan has no job. He finds it difficult to earn a living. If he had a lot of money, he would hold a wedding party for his son.
-          Mira was looking for you last night but didn’t find you. If she had met you, she would have given  you the money.
-          If you arelate, your wage is 2% (cut).

1.      Terjemahkan kalimat-kalimat berikut kedalam bahasa Inggris. Gunakan Conditional Clauses.
-          If I have more money at the end of this month, I will lend you some money.
-          I didn't meet Lucy yesterday. If I had met her, this book would have been given to her.
-          If this iron bar is heated, it melts.
-          If Susan were here, I would tell her that I love her.

2.      Pilihlah satu diantara A,B,C, dan D yang menurut Anda salah.
1.      A
2.      C
3.      A
4.      D

5.      C

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