Unofficial Translation of Undang-undang No.38 Tahun 2004

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NUMBER 38 OF 2004
                                  PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA,
a.       Road as one of transportation infrastructures constitutes an integral element in evolving life of the Nation, in managing unity and integrity of a nation, territory, and in community function as well as in advancing general prosperity as set forth in the Preamble of 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia;
b.     Whereas road as a part of national transportation system has an important role, especially in supporting economy, social and culture as well as environment and is developed through district development approach in order that balance and equity of inter district development can be achieved. The road also forms and firms national unity to stabilize defense and national security, and to form a space structure within the framework of realizing national development target;
c.      Whereas to fulfill the role of the road as it should, the government has the right and obligation to build roads;
d.   Whereas in order that roads can be constructed efficiently and effectively, community involvement is required;
e.      Whereas with the existence of district autonomy development, challenge of global competition, and the demand in the increase of community involvement in road construction, Act No.13 Year 1980 concerning Road (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1980 Number:83, Additional State Gazette Number 3186) is no longer applicable as a statutory base of road regulation.
f.       Whereas by virtue of consideration as mentioned at letter a, letter b, letter c, letter d and letter f, it is declared necessary to establish a Law on Road.
In view of:

Article 5 sub-article (1), Article 20, Article 33 sub-article (3), and Article 34 sub-article (3) 1945 Constitutions as amended with the fourth amendment of 1945 Constitutions.

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