Google Translate sebagai Bahan Referensi

Google Translate diakui banyak membantu dalam pekerjaan penerjemahan, namun kita tidak bisa mentah-mentah menerima hasil terjemahan yang dihasilkan oleh Google translate. Perbaikan dari segi kosa kata dan tatabahasa tentunya harus diperhatikan agar makna yang ada pada text sumber tidak berubah atau hilang atau menimbulkan kebingungan. Di sinilah pentingnya kemampuan tata bahasa baik dalam text sumber maupun dalam text sasaran.

Berikut hasil terjemahan dari dalam bahasa Indonesia yang telah diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Inggris. Coba Anda gunakan Google translate dan bandingkan hasilnya dengan terjemahan ini di bawah ini. Mudah-mudahan ini bisa membantu para mahasiswa jurusan Sastra Inggris Minat Bidang Penerjemahan.

BOGOR (KM) - Activity of Ciawi-Sukabumi toll road (Bocimi) is considered to have caused problems to the residents and road users. Mud from the wheels of the trucks is scattered on the surface of the road and is not handled  thus making  the road  dusty when the weather is hot and muddy when it rains. Ironically, the project officials seemed indifferent to the conditions that occurred.

Motorists HR. Edy Sukma  passing on the road,  , precisely on the road between Bojong Kiharib to road of Lido, Cigombong, Bogor Regency, feels bothered by dust and mud contributed by PT Penata, a service company carrying out leveling (Cut and Fill) on the Bocimi Toll Project ,

"This situation is very disturbing to our activities. When it rains, the road gets really slippery. There is lots of mud due to the  project activity causing some accidents like motorcyclists falling off their bikes. In dry season, the road will be like a desert covered with dry soil and dust, "said Wahyu, bikers, residents of Cigombong, to on Tuesday (05.03.16).

Meanwhile, residents of  Cigombong - Lido to Bata Alam are deeply disturbed by the effects of the project activity and the indifference of PT Penata regarding the mud scattered on the road. "Of course we are disturbed. We found  PT Penata offhand letting  the soil -littered on the streets that has affected us. You can see for yourself the thick soil and mud carried by rainwater from the project site to our home yards ", said a resident of Lido Cigombong angrily.

We confirmed that after meeting with representatives of the residents who protested, representatives of PT Chung Ma, a company that subcontracted the work to  PT Penata, admitted that he had repeatedly warned PT Penata to work professionally. Moreover, in responding to various complaints from residents affected by the work.

"To be honest we were also annoyed by the working method of  PT Penata. We've repeatedly reminded both orally and in letters to work professionally with attention and comply with the rules of the work, one of which is safety on site work. But instead of responding, they shut their eyes to it. Yes, finally we were also protested by the residents, "said Joko, Staff of  PT. Chung Ma.

Meanwhile, representatives of PT Penata,  Maryadi cannot do much when being bombarded by various representatives of the residents  in the meeting  forum in the office of PT Chung Ma. "We will convey the aspirations to our superiors," said Maryadi.

After the meeting, representatives of PT. Chung Ma, PT. Penata and resident representatives to the cut and fill location. Both representatives of the companies are committed to suspend the transport of soil, till the soil and mud scattered across the road are cleared. "We will stop the transport of soil to clear the road", said the representative of the company.

Although the activity was stopped for one day, but the material littering the ground and mud along the road of Cigombong, still goes unheeded. (Raden)