Determiners and Pre-determiners

Determiners adalah penjelas kata benda yang diletakkan di depan kata benda yang dijelaskan. Determiners terdiri dari demonstrative (this, that, these, those), possessive adjectives (my, his, her, our, their, your, its), definite and indefinite articles (the, a, an), quantifiers (many, much, a few, few), dan numerals (ten, two, etc) distributives (each, any, either, neither). Perhatikan contohnya dalam kalimat-kalimat berikut. Yang bertuliskan tebal adalah determiners:

  • It is my pen.
  • Here are the books you asked for.
  • He has a few friends in London
  • Take a look at those cars parked over there.
  • There are ten people waiting for you outside.
  • Some employees were not informed of the changed procedure.
  • The secretary is his girlfriend.
Pre-determiners adalah kata yang menjelaskan kata benda yang telah dijelaskan oleh determiners. Artinya pre-determiners mendahului determiners posisinya 
Contoh: Both my cars are still new. Dalam kalimat tersebut Both adalah pre-determiner.

Pre-determiners dapat dikelompokkan menjadi empat: 
1)  Multipliers (twice, three times, etc.); 
2) Fraction (three-fourth, half, one-sixth, etc); 
3) Intensifiers (such, quite, such, rather, what)

Khusus intensifiers (such, quite, such, rather, what) digunakan di depan indefinite article (an, a) untuk menyatakan surprise, kekecewaan dan emosi-emosi lainnya; 

4) all and both.

Untuk lebih jelasnya penggunaan pre-determiners akan dijelaskan melalui contoh-contoh predeterminer dan determiner dalam kalimat-kalimat berikut ini:
  • I do the jogging four times a week.
  • I am happy now because I can make twice my previous salary.
  • We need ten times the amount that we have collected so far.
  • Terrible! Three-fourth her husband’s salary goes to paying his debt.
  • When will she arrive? In half an hour I think.
  • He is such a nice man.
  • I haven’t met all your friends.
  • Both your parents are very polite. I like them.
  • It was quite an interesting presentation.

Semoga bermanfaat.