Jawaban Latihan Kata Kerja PUT

Berikut adalah jawaban latihan yang Anda kerjakan:

  1. I must put some of my money aside for my future.  (Menabung, menyisihkan)
  2. Make sure you don't forget to put your toys away. Don't leave them scattered like that on the floor. (menyimpan kembali)
  3. It is too noisy here. I don't think I can put up with it any more. (Terlalu berisik di sini. Saya rasa saya tidak sanggup lagi dengan suara berisik itu.)
  4. I'd like to watch TV. Can you put it on? (menghidupkan)
  5. We've had a number of proposals submitted by several groups. What about your group, have you put forward the proposal? (mengajukan, menyerahkan)
  6. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.(menunda)
  7. I am half dead for a Sony Z2. It's one of the best smartphones. However, the high price of the smartphone finally puts  me off. (batal beli)
  8. It's raining very hard. Do you think the match will go on or be put off ? (ditunda)
  9. Put your clothes on now; it's impolite to be bare-chested like that. (Pakai, kenakan)
  10. She's not really that stressed. She's only putting it on (pura-pura saja)
  11. Before you go to bed, see to it that you put the fire out. (memadamkan)
  12. Telephone Conversation: John: I'd like to talk to Mr.Lee. Is he around? Korie: Yes, he is here. John: Can you put him on, please? (berikan telpon ke dia untuk bicara)