Percakapan Tentang Pekerjaan

Percakapan Tentang Pekerjaan (Talking about jobs and occupations)

Untuk menanyakan apa pekerjaan seseorang, ada beberapa ungkapan yang bisa kita gunakan, antara lain:
  • What do you do? (Apa pekerjaan Anda?)
  • What do you do for a living? (Anda bekerja sebagai apa untuk mencari nafkah? Apa yang Anda lakukan untuk biaya hidup?)
  • What is your job? (Apa pekerjaan Anda?)
  • What is your occupation? (Apa jabatan Anda?)
  • What are you? (Apa Pekrjaan Anda)
  • Are you a government or private employee? (Apakah Anda pegawai negeri atau swasta?)
Jawaban-jawaban pertanyaan di atas antara lain:
  • I am a doctor.
  • I work as a doctor.
  • I work as a busker (Saya bekerja sebagai pengamen)
  • I sell fruits on the street.
Untuk lebih jelasnya, latihlah percakapan berikut ini.

A  : What do you do?
B  : I am a teacher. I teach English at schools. What about you? What are you?
A  : I work at a private hospital in Jakarta. I am a nurse. Do you have another job besides teaching?
B  : Yes, I do. I work as a singer at one of the restaurants in my city. Do you have another job, too?
A  : No. I don't have much time. I have a baby at home. I take care of my baby after work.
B  : What does your husband do for a living? Is he a doctor?
A  : Yes, he is. He's a pediatrician. In the afternoon, he works at home as a pediatrician.

Percakapan Tentang Pekerjaan di masa lampau:
A: What did you do when you lived in Bali?
B: I was a security guard for 2 years. After that I resigned and worked as a taxi driver.
A: How many jobs did you have?
B: I had 3 jobs. My first job was fruit selling. Then I tried to work as a security guard at a traditional market. Since I didn't like the job, I quit. The last job when I was in Bali was working as a taxi driver.