Jawaban Latihan Menggunakan Could, Could Have dan Couldn't Have

Jawaban Latihan:
Isilah titik-titik pada kalimat-kalimat berikut dengan menggunakan Could,  Could have atau Couldn't have. Rubah pula kata kerja dalam kurung ke dalam bentuk past participle jika Anda memilih could have atau Couldn't have.

  1. We were very happy because we finally could fix our car.
  2. Ami:  Could you help me, please? Lut.i: I wish I could.
  3. Actually, I could have given you the money but I was afraid you would spend it all.
  4. David could swim very well when he was a kid.
  5. Thank for dinner. It was a lovely one. I couldn't have eaten such delicious foods.
  6. Amir: What have you been doing? Lutfi: Playing with matches. Amir: You could have burned anything near you.
  7. We could have taken the road you suggested but we supposed the road would be heavily congested. So we took another road. 
  8. I wish I could come to your party next Sunday.
  9. could have reached home on time. On the way home I met Budy who drove his car. So, I went with him.
  10. Don't wait for Sony to come. He said he could go home alone.