Kunci Jawaban Latihan English Grammar

Jawaban Latihan Structure.

1. Mira wanted going abroad but she had no  money to go there.
2. Since we had nothing else to do at home, we decide to go to the beach to swim.
 3. I recommend you for going home as soon as you finish attending  the seminar.
 4. Knowing that there was nobody watching him, David quickly take one of the books from the shelf.
   5. The day being shiny, the boys went out to the beach play volleyball.
6. Both teachers and students must have having a good time during their holiday in Bali.
7. As soon as you finish reading my book, don't forget to return it  back to me.
8. To recover from your illness, drink a lot of pure water, rest, and eating nutritious foods.
9. We decided not to include Mary in our climbing team simply because of his being too weak.
10. I think you have the best road bike than  any other bikers have.

11. This road is the same width with the one we traveled by yesterday.

12. Jane : Jakarta is very warmespecially in the day time. Mira : I think Palembang is more warmer than Jakarta.

13. Poverty  it  is one of  the  problems Indonesia has to fight.

14. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia that  it faces never-ending flood problems every year.

15. Is it very important to know to use a computer in this modern time?

16. A lot of kids enjoyed to play football because  it  was the easiest.

17.  A few methods  to keep fit and healthy are working out regularly, eating the right foods, and  to drink   at least 8 glasses of water a day.


  1. going seharus nya to go. setelah kata kerja want jika diikuti kata kerja lain maka kata kerja yang mengikutinya harus menggunakan to (to go)
  2. decide seharusnya decided karena past tense.
  3. for going seharusnya should go.
  4. take seharusnya took
  5. play seharusnya to play.
  6. having seharusnya had.
  7. back tidak diperlukan.
  8. eating seharusnya eat agar pararel dengan kata drink dan rest.
  9. his seharusnya her.
  10. than seharusnya of. She is the best student of all other students in her school.
  11. with seharus nya as: contoh dalam kalimat lain: He's the same height as Mira.
  12. more seharusnya tidak digunakan karena warm telah berubah menjadi  warmer. Contoh dalam kalimat lain: Badung is colder than Jakarta.
  13. it seharusnya tidak ada.: redundancy. Poverty is.......
  14. it seharusnya tidak ada: redundancy. That merupakan subjek anak kalimat, jadi it tidak diperlukan.
  15. to know seharusnya to know how
  16. to play seharusnya playing. Setelah kata kerja enjoy jika diikuti kata kerja maka kata kerja tersebut harus berbentuk ING. Contoh dalam kalimat lain: I enjoy drinking coffee every morning.
  17. to drink seharusnya drinking agar pararel dengan working dan eating.