Menjelaskan Grafik dalam Bahasa Inggris

English grammar and Conversation
Dalam presentasi, kita sering menggunakan grafik. Kemudian grafik tersebut kita jelaskan kepada peserta yang hadir. Grafik digunakan apabila kita ingin menceritakan perubahan sesuatu, misalnya penjualan, dengan menggunakan angka. Angka bisa berupa volume atau nilai uangnya. Dalam grafik biasanya Anda membandingkan suatu kegiatan dari tahun 1 ke tahun 2 atau bisa lebih. Atau dari bulan ke bulan. Intinya, dengan menggunakan grafik, Anda ingin menjelaskan perubahan yang terjadi atau akan terjadi secara lebih jelas dengan menggunakan angka.

Dalam bahasa Inggris, biasanya presenter terlebih dahulu menjelaskan sturktur grafiknya. Misalnya vertical axis dan hornizontal axis. Pada vertical axis, biasanya, Anda ingin menunjukkan perubahan volume atau nilai, sedangkan pada horizontal axis periode yang diperbandingkan.

Sebelum Anda memulai presentasi, Anda harus menjelaskan siapa Anda. Misalnya nama Anda, dan kantor di mana Anda bekerja. Berikut contoh-contoh ungkapan yang digunakan.

  • I am Lutfi and work for as a .................
  • I am honored to have the opportunity to present .....................
  • Take a look at the graph. The vertical axis shows the volume of our sales, while the horizontal axis represents the years or periods of sales.
  • As you see from the graph, the sales in 2011 dropped from 500 to 300......
  • In 2012, the company experienced a sharp rise. This is due to .................................
  • The drop in our sales in 2011 was due to several causes.
  • Last year, product A sales rocketed to 4,000,000 units. For this year, we hope the sales will go up to 4,500,000 or at lease remain the same as last year.
Berikut adalah daftar kata-kata baik kata benda, kata kerja atau kata sifat yang sering digunakan dalam menjelaskan grafik.
  • Increase = naik atau kenaikan (kata kerja dan kata benda)
  • Decrease = turun (kata kerja dan kata benda)
  • Drop = jatuh, turun drastis (kata kerja dan kata benda)
  • Sharp = tajam (kata sifat)
  • Slight = sedikit (kata sifat)
  • Rocket = naik tajam
  • Go up = naik
  • Go down = turun
Perhatikan chart berikut:

Year   A     B   C
2011 420 260 300
2012 300 400 310
2013 200 600 315

In 2012, product A sales dropped from 420 to 300 but product B sales rose from 260 to 400. Sales of Product C also increased slightly from 300 to 310.

Dari berbagai sumber

Graphic Sales Presentation

Presenter            : Good morning everyone. I am Glad that you are all here on time. According to the schedule, I am supposed to present to you all about our company’s sale for 2016.
As we are all aware that our last year sales dropped quite significantly due to several factors, which I am going to present to you.

Now I’ll show you the graph. Ok, here it is. Take a look at   the graph, please.
Look at the figure for the first quarter. Our coffee sales only reached 800 boxes. If we compare this figure to 2015 figure in the first quarter, the sales dropped sharply from 1,800 boxes to 800 boxes. Why did this happen? I think we all still remember that in the first quarter of 2016, the market was flooded with new brands of coffee from Adi Duwa Company – it is one of our competitors as you know it. Their new product campaign reached all corners of districts. You know that we have our warehouses all districts. Their product was well-liked because of their lower price. The coffee taste was almost similar, the same package quality.

Secondly, their promotion teams, in my opinion, worked much harder than our teams. They worked until 10 pm; while our teams worked only until 5 pm.

Thirdly, this can be quite important factor that explained why their product sold well and many our customers preferred their product. The people’s purchasing power declined significantly due to the crop failure. The people had less money so that they couldn’t afford products of higher prices. This also affected sales of other companies selling cosmetic products.

At the second quarter of 2016, the figure dropped very slightly compared with last year’s figure. Our managers worked harder learning from the drop in the first quarter. Our selling strategies had to be adjusted to the market condition. We had to lower the price to the limit where we could still make profit. Our selling expenses had also to be strictly controlled. For example we were stricter in terms of fuel consumption.

Robby   : Excuse me, Mr. Ladoyo. May I add more point?
Presenter            : Sure. Go ahead.
Robby   : Thank you, Sir. I think there was still another factor that affected our sales at the first quarter. 6 of 10 trucks that we have had to be overhauled due to the bad maintenance schedule.  This shouldn’t have happened if the official in charge hadn’t committed collusion with heads of the workshops. Because of this our sales volume also dropped.

Presenter            : That’s good information. I didn’t receive that information.  I hope all sales managers can also focus on vehicle maintenance. What happened to the official in charge of that?
Robby   : We have fired him. We found out that he did the same several times. We cannot tolerate