Bagaimana Membuat Compound Adjective?

Compound adjectives in English
Bagaimana Membuat Compound Adjective?

Compound Adjective adalah kata sifat yang terdiri dari dua atau lebih kata yang biasanya digabung dengan menggunakan tanda hyphen (-) . Bagaimana compound adjective itu dapat dibentuk? Berikut yang dapat kami jelaskan:
Perhatikan contoh dalam kalimat-kalimat berikut.
  • My house has 3 bedrooms. It's my 3-bedroom house. Perhatikan kata 3 dan bedroom bisa dijadikan compound adjective dengan menggunakan hyphen (-) untuk menggabungkannya. Ingat, setelah digabung room tidak lagi dalam bentuk jamak (rooms).
  • There are 4 floors in this hotel. This 4-floor hotel is very expensive.
  • This hotel offers 24-hour customer service. Perhatikan kata hour dalam bentuk tunggal setelah menjadi compound adjective (24-hour)
  • Is this metal detector heavy? Yes. But, it isn't a heavy-metal detector.
  • We give you 2-year money-back guarantee. Dalam kalimat ini ada dua compound adjectives, yaitu 2-year dan money-back.
  • This manual is easy to read. This is an easy-to-read manual. Easy-to-read adalah compound adjectives.
  • Do you sell ready-to-eat foods? I'm starving. I can't wait any longer.

Compound adjective juga bisa dibentuk dari gabungan kata sifat dengan kata benda.
  • She has a flat nose. She is a flat-nosed girl. Kata bendanya ditambahkan ED (nosed)
  • Have you seen a curly-haired man just now? Hair menjadi haired.
  • She's such a beautiful long-legged dancer.
  • The thin-lipped woman suddenly came into the room.
Jika kita perhatikan compound adjectives berfungsi sebagai penjelas kata benda (noun modifier) yang letaknya di depan kata benda yang dijelaskan (thin-lipped woman).

Latihan: Buatlah compound adjectives berdasarkan kalimat-kalimat berikut:

  1. The man has big eyes. The children are afraid of him. The children are afraid of
  2. English is not difficult to study. If you are diligent, you will understand it. Do you think English is a ...........................language?
  3. This vehicle has 3 wheels. It takes passengers to the market. You can go to the market by .........................vehicle. It's cheaper.
  4. Which do you prefer, the woman with long hair or the one with short hair? I think I prefer ................... woman.
  5. Aren't you afraid of a man who has a long beard? No. ................... men look more handsome to me?
  6. Which do you prefer, a woman with curly or straight hair? I think I love a ................woman.
  7. I hate waiting. All I want is food that's ready to eat. We don't have We still have to cook them first.

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