Pertanyaan Sehari-hari Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Commonly asked questions:

1.       Where do you live? (Dimana Anda tinggal?)
2.       Who do you live with? (Dengan siapa Anda tinggal?)
3.       Where have you been? (Dari mana Anda tadi?)
4.       What do you do for a living? (Apa pekerjaan Anda?)
5.       How do you go to your office? (Anda ke kantor naik apa?)
6.       Have you been to Bali? (Apakah Anda pernah ke Bali?)
7.       Where is the post office near here? (Dimana kantor pos yang dekat dari sini?)
8.       What’s the time, please? (Jam berapa ya?)
9.       Could you tell me what time the next plane arrives? (Jam berapa pesawat berikutnya tiba?)
10.   How old is your first daughter? (Berapa usia anak Anda yang pertama?)
11.   How far is the post office from here? (Berapa jauh kantor pos dari sini?)
12.   Is your office far from here? (Apakah kantor Anda jauh dari sini?)
13.   Do you like living in a big city? (Apakah Anda suka tinggal di sebuah kota yang besar?)
14.   Where did you come in your family? (Anda anak yang keberapa dalam keluarga?)
15.   How old are you? (Berapa usia Anda?)
16.   Would you mind if I sat here? (Berkeberatan jika saya merokok di sini?)
17.   What time does the train from Palembang arrive? (Jam berapa kereta dari Palembang tiba?)
18.   How much is it? (Berapa harga nya ini?)
19.   How much does it cost to go to Bandung by train from here? (Berapa ongkos kereta ke Bandung dari sini?)
20.   What’s for dinner, mom? (Makan apa untuk makan malam, bu?)
21.   What’s the weather like in Jakarta? (Bagaimana cuaca di Jakarta?)
22.   Have you been here long? (Apakah Anda sudah lama di sini?)

Match the following answers with the above questions:

a.       No, I don’t. Big cities are usually crowded and polluted.
b.      It’s okay. No problem.
c.       No. I only arrived in this city 4 days ago.
d.      If it doesn’t rain, I usually ride my bike to the office.
e.      She’s still 12 years old.
f.        It’s warm in the day time.
g.       I am not sure yet. We may eat out tonight.
h.      Not far from here. Just go down this street and turn right. From that turning, you will see a blue house. That’s mine.
i.         You won’t believe when I tell you that I am already 45.
j.        It’s US$10 each. If you take 2, you can have them at US$15.
k.       It usually arrives after 7 pm.
l.         My family is in another city. I am alone here.
m.    I write articles for online publications. It’s not much but enough to cover the cost of living here.
n.      Yes, it is. I have to change twice to get there.
o.      It depends on which bus. If you take an AC bus, it costs you Rp.250.000.
p.      I came number 2. My brother, Tom, is the oldest.
q.      It’s only 100 meters from here. Take this road, and turn left at the first turning.
r.        I’ve been to the market to buy some fish.
s.       Yes. I’ve been there twice.
t.        The nearest one is 500 meters from here. You can take a minibus to get there.
u.      It’s 3:30 by my watch.

v.       It should have arrived by now. I think it’ll be a bit late.

Bandingkan Jawabannya 
Mudah-mudahan cara ini bisa membantu Anda dalam berlatih bahasa Inggris Anda. Selamat mencoba.