Kalimat Yang Diawali Negative Words

Apabila kalimat-kalimat diawali oleh negative words, maka susunan kata kerja bantu dan modal auxiliary bisa mendahulu subjek layak nya seperti kalimat-kalimat tanya. Berikut adalah negative words yang sering digunakan:
  • Hardly
  • Never
  • Barely
  • Scarcely
  • Rarely

  1. Scarcely is she that angry with her children. Perhatikan "is" mendahului subjek "she" dan posisi "scarcely" ada pada posisi awal.
  2. Never have I been so tired before. (I have never been so tired before.)
  3. Hardly can you meet her in this restaurant.
Perhatikan negative expressions berikut ini dan bagaimana mereka digunakan dalam kalimat.
  • Not only
  • On no occasion
  • At no time
  • Nowhere
  • Only once
  • Only after
Apabila ungkapan-ungkapan di atas mengawali kalimat, maka kata kerja bantu (termasuk modal auxiliary ) diletakkan di muka subjek seperti contoh-contoh kalimat di atas:
  1. Not only does he study, he also works in the evening.
  2. Nowhere will you be able to find such a good neighborhood.
  3. Only once did she mention about it.
  4. Only after I told them about him did she begin to cry.
  5. Only after she paid for the food did she realize that it wasn't her money.
Gunakan negative words dan ungkapan-ungkapan yang disiapkan pada akhir masing-masing kalimat. Letak kan kata dan ungkapan-ungkapan tersebut pada awal kalimat.

  1. She has no time to play with her school mates.  (on no occasion)
  2. I have never seen you so happy before. (never)
  3. When she had put her hand into the pocket, she realised that her wallet was gone. (only after)
  4. She cooks well. She also sings English songs well. (not only)
  5. These animals fly around at night only. (only at night)
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