Jawaban Latihan Verb To Be Kalimat Negatif dan Positif

  1. Susan isn't a bank employee.
  2. We aren't happy to be in Bali.
  3. It isn't 10 o'clock in the morning.
  4. They aren't all very tired.
  5. These books aren't yours.
  6. It isn't time to go home.
  7. I'm not alone here.

  1. Fitri is a government employee. She is married and has 3 children. Her friend, Lutfi, is in Kaltim. He is also a government employee. 
  2. Jakarta is not good because it is polluted.
  3. Bandung is better because there are not much pollution. On weekends,  there are many visitors in Bandung.
  4. I cannot buy it now; I  am still broke.
  5. We are not happy here. We want to go back to Jakarta.
  6. This book is not mine. It's John's.
  7. Jakarta is beautiful at night. It is very warm in the day time.